Monday, October 27, 2008

American muscle is going to get a shock...

My sons will probably never buy a new gasoline vehicle. The trend, as it appears today, is the gasoline vehicle is becoming very unpopular. Especially the big gas gusling SUV, and trucks. Electric vehicles are on the horizon, to arrive en-mass in 2010. Now, my sons turn legal driving age in 2020. Those 10 years will see a drastic change on the road. Most vehicles will be small, electric vehicles. There will be exceptions. Large transport trucks, and farm equipment will stay diesel. Airplanes will still use jet fuel. But, transportation vehicle will be electric. What will happen to race cars? Some will become electric, but some the excitement and thrill of today's race cars will be gone. Sure, electric cars can blow batteries, and electric motors, but the headlines might change to "...driver gets electrocuted...". Also, the days of American muscle will be gone. The high revying vibrations of a V8, the smell of burnt gasoline, the sound of the a engine whining at redline will be gone. Hobbist and enthusiasts will still have some of these muscle cars, but the strict environmental laws will prohibit them from turning on the key. I guess we will be still have movies such as the Fast and Furious to remember what muscle cars were all about.

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